Don’t Tweak Your Talent - Rethink It End to End

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Allow yourself your own experience. Before you tweak your mind, remember you do from your heart, what you truly are passionate about is your identity. Losing someone’s identity is nothing but death; adjusting or compromising it according to the expectation of the others is moving close to it, it’s dying slow. It’s a huge misfortune not to be alive as your true self and fitting into other’s shoe cannot be continued longer. Life should not be dying or killing in process instead living inch by inch of life, completely alive to the fullest.

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“Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music” as ‘unheard melodies are sweeter’ to all our ears. Self confidence, self esteem, self respect, and these are some of the best outfits we can wear. These outfits never go out of fashion. Wear it with pride and happiness and feel the best of it which is the satisfaction of living the life 100 percent. Wait a minute. Someone so so special already told this in his beautiful own way. Remember the eye opening speech of our era by the man behind innovation; aesthetics and never ending love for life, the ‘new age hippie’ Steve Jobs. He asked everyone not to rush into a job of the society, not based on the choice of the bigger lot but by what we desire to do and what makes us feel contented.

It’s high time to think and rethink till clarity appears. Until we get the clear path in mind. There is no point in compromising on who we are and what we like to do. If so there is no point living at all. It would be called existing, mere existing.

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With us people who crave a life of being a singer, dancer, musician, standup comedian, model and many more need not feel insecure about pursuing it. We extend our hands, hold it and walk safe with us, win prizes, earn a life out of it and above all get celebrated for what you love to do in life. Don’t tweak your talent, pursue it and live it. All the ends are safe secured by Starbounty.

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