Petta: First Look – Official Motion Poster [Editor : Varun]

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

The wait is finally over!!The Official motion poster for Thalaivar 165 is here, and aptly called Petta (Area). The combination of one of the biggest production houses (Sun Pictures), a promising young talent (Karthik Subburaj), and Anirudh scoring the music for THE thalaivar, was a reason for us to stand-up and take notice.

The trailer starts with Rajni holding a Candelabra with candles that are lit, walking into a run-down building. This is a different teaser from the ones we have seen before. He sports a well-trimmed beard, a scarf and cool shades and his trademark smile - walking into the building with style and pizzazz that only he can carry. the teaser made me realize that this was the Rajini, the fans had missed in his recent outings. The motion poster has only got the fans waiting and yearning for a quicker release of the film, even though shooting has just started. The movie has an ensemble cast that includes Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Simran, Trisha, with Nawazuddin Siddiqui from Bollywood making a debut in namma Kollywood. Kathik Subburaj, who is just 4 films old, has a fanboy moment when he is directing Thalaivar, but is planned and meticulous as a director.

After Kaala, the last Rajni film, I left the theater with a sense that I had watched a good Rajni film, but there was something missing. As a fan, I have never missed a FDFS of a Rajni film, the first of that being Thalapathi (when was I was still a little kid). It was the perfect movie for a Rajni fan, and was enough for Rajni-ism to engulf me. I went on a movie watching marathon, watching all movies of “Thalaivar”, esp some greats like Mullum Malarum, Thillu Mullu. After Padayappa, the gap between his appearances were long and far. The craving to see him back on screen made us yearn for every bit of news we could hear about him signing a film. The last 3 movies of Thalaivar, namely Lingaa, Kabali and Kaala, though good films from a fan’s standpoint, couldn’t replicate the thalaivar magic on screen(from the Muthu, Padaiyappa, Shivaji days). Rajni still awaits the release of 2.0, the huge Shankar- AR Rahman project which also stars Akshay Kumar. Lets hope this year and next year is the year we seen the return of the Emperor, the thalaivar back on the screen, just the way we like him.


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