Vijay TV Star MA KA PA Anand Promotes Starbounty App

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

MA KA PA comes from the school of Star Vijay like many other stars of the current entertainment industry. MA KA PA started his career as a radio jockey in Dubai for six years. He is a person with a flair for stage performances. With an ability to talk, present and host shows as a radio jockey, he took his next step into the visual media, launched himself as a participant in KPY in Star Vijay which is a great platform for any talent to shine. His journey in the industry began to flourish from there and now he is a known face to the entire state. A journey of this kind will definitely be filled with many stories of opportunities and hard work. This makes him one of the right choices to endorse Starbounty, a talent management company which makes similar kind of journey for many talents into an easy one.

We are excited that by an endorsement of such a well known and crowd pulling person who knows the way like the back of his hands.

The entertainment industry is filled with potentials and young talents of various kinds. The one who comes the right way to the right place in the right time gets the spotlight. MA KA PA is one such person who knows this scenario better than many others. As he mentioned in the testimony, there are two reasons why people has to struggle to get a stage. One is the difficulty to choose the right channel and the other is the fear of taking up the stage readily. Starbounty, a talent promotion company provides solution to both the issues.

By collaborating with many other celebrities like MA KA PA, Starbounty, a talent pool can provide the right and easy channel to reach the road of success by all means. As many know already, Starbounty lend its strong hands of connections to create a profile and take off to great heights for the budding talents. Solution for the next issue of stage fear or hesitation is again the Starbounty itself, as we are an online audition platform basically. There is no need to deliver your performance live in front of a huge audience but it reaches a greater number of audiences as MA KA PA said through our mobile app. We, a talent agency create chances for you to receive information about acting tips, audition (acting, modelling, singing, dancing). Acting as an event agency, we are aware of the ways of promotion and being in the promotion business we know the audition game.

We, an online audition company, act as your own promotion manager and make you compete with the top talents

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