New humming in town: Mazhai Kuruvi by A.R.Rahman

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

You know it is going to be a soulful track when you read AR Rahman as the vocalist. His voice could mesmerize you and take you to a different place altogether. When this combo of Mani Ratnam, AR Rahman and Vairamuthu comes together, the track will seem to have a lot of depth, both in terms of musicality and lyrical quality. Mazhai Kuruvi is no exception. Right from the start, ARR retains his style of singing that could keep you hooked. The song is highly reliant on the strings and they don't disappoint as they add to the enchantment. The percussion is a valuable addition to the song as it keeps the rhythm going and you will find yourself tapping your foot along with the beats. The string section has done a super job to keep the song in line with the emotion presented.

The lyrics narrate a story of their own, and Vairamuthu's stamp is all over the song. It is a metaphorical journey into a love story that has many dimensions. AR Rahman's chirpiness while saying 'keech keech' adds to the beauty of the rendition as the song talks about the story of a sparrow. This track promises to turn out as one of those Rahman melodies that will surely find a place in the hearts of fans.


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