Music Director C.Sathya's Recommendations to Upcoming Talents Reach Success through Starbounty App

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Talent is a gift given to everyone many people forget how gifted they are. Music director Sathya who travelled a long way in the music industry shared his success story with us which will be of great help for the upcoming talents to move forward.

Talent is not a rare commodity. It is everywhere. When talent is in abundance sharing the limited space under the spotlight becomes a question mark. There are few strategies to be followed to reach success with high level of tough competition. Any field of talent for that matter, talents are unquestionable. The only question is how to promote the talents. The following message of Sathya will give the answer to that question of how.

The essential qualities to reach success are goal planning, right strategy, consistent action, feedbacks and encouragement, most importantly right attitude of not giving up and above all patience.

For any talented person, goal setting naturally happens in the mind the moment talent and passion is identified. Planning on it is what is to be taken care of. Every one of us knows where we want to go but only very few have the plan of action. Aimless wandering is not going to favor anyone reach the desired destiny, only planning. Singers won’t have a marketing mind; dancers may not be possessing good public relations strategy and musicians need not be socially extrovert but all of them will be extraordinarily talented in their respective fields. Strategy planning can be done by us, Starbounty. Audition online with us and relax. All the strategy will be taken care of by Starbounty.

The next aspect will be consistent actions. Just like the famous Tamil saying that achieving expertise in art and language skills is mere practice. Talent is god given but nurturing it and keeping it alive needs workout. Breaks from pursuing it will be a real setback in reaching your destination. Starbounty takes care of this consistency as well by inducing your spirit to participate and perform continuously as it became handy with our app.

Feedbacks are not discouragements. They are equally motivating like encouragements. In fact feedbacks should be welcomed more than encouragement and appreciation. Feedbacks from right people will polish, refine anyone’s talent, if taken in the right sense.

This step of feedbacks and encouragement comes to your hand with Starbounty app.


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The final tool to success is the right attitude of staying positive and patience to wait. The only problem in not letting us stay positive is the lack of back up, good support system which will never allow pessimism or trouble inside to break heart.

Starbounty ensures not only online audition platform but prize and pay checkfor hardwork which is equally important for anyone to keep rolling. With Starbounty all the ends are secure and with right connections with people like music director Sathya will take talents a long way to success.

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