Bigg Boss Tamil Season - Finale Week

The contestants in the Bigg Boss Tamil house are in the pre-finale week. With double eviction on the cards, this week was quite a roller coaster ride for the inmates. The contestants are not missing any opportunity to push themselves through this pivotal time. With Balaji and Yashika's eviction, Riythvika, Janani, Aishwarya, and Vijayalakshmi gear up to face the finale heat next week.

Janani and Aishwarya lock horns

In a task, six towers filled with sand at different levels were erected in the activity area. The goal was to retain maximum sand in their respective towers. Each inmate randomly selected a tower by picking numbered chits from a bowl. Balaji's tower was almost full, so all other inmates started targeting him first.

In the struggle between Yashika and Vijayalakshmi, the former played it aggressively, and the latter's tower broke. Yashika's push was so hard that Vijayalakshmi ended with bruised hands. The contestants stopped the task to give Vijayalakshmi first-aid. Meanwhile, Aishwarya tried to make use of the time to drain Janani's tower. Janani and Riythvika irked by her behavior reprimanded her.

"Understand the situation and pain of fellow inmates before you focus on points and games," said a displeased Balaji. When Aishwarya and Yashika jointly attacked Janani's tower, surprisingly, the latter put up a tough fight. The task was suspended for several hours as some of the contestants was hurt. The next day, when Vijayalaksmi and Janani strategised to attack Aishwarya's tower, she couldn't take that easy and toppled Janani's. Miffed at Aishwarya's unfair act, Janani struck the latter's tower. In turn, Aishwarya knocked Balaji's tower for no apparent reason. It was an ugly fight at the end.


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