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In the last weekend of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, rapper Roll Rida was eliminated from Nani's show. The controversial show has now entered in its finale week and the contestants who are in the race to win it are Kaushal, Tanish, Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri and Samrat. Well honestly, looking at the current trend and fan base, Kaushal Manda has a huge chance of emerging as the show winner. Though the elimination of Roll Rida was quite surprising for the viewers as they thought he was one of the strongest contestants and deserved to be in the finale week.

After coming out of the house, Roll Rida said that he bonded very well with Kaushal in the house and the bond will remain same in the future. "I had a very good rapport with Kaushal and he advised me playing the game as a game. he assured to support me to be in the top 5 finalists and also to campaign for me after coming out of the show. Kaushal is purely a gamer.”

He further added, “I was aware of Kaushal Army and they also know about my bonding with Kaushal. Kaushal Army is giving support and saving Kaushal from elimination from Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.” Roll Rida also went on to say that Bigg Boss has given him the platform and exposure as a rapper and he is very grateful for that.


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