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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

About Starbounty:

Starbounty is a talent management company. Once a star, always a star. All we do is find and foster the star in you into a successful career. Starbounty helps you connect to the people in the virtual world with whom we may never have a chance to cross paths in the physical world as we have wide connections with the industry. As we know happiness lies in the soil of recognition, we appreciate every winner with attractive cash prizes. As we also believe like SRK that creativity deserves to become rich in all ways, we strive to make sure a regular income/funding reaches you. There are a lot of companies out there that do what we do, no secret. What makes us special? We not only bring all the talents together but we take you along with your support system like friends and family with you all the way to cheer you.

Mission: "Starbounty works to bring together and foster diverse talents to successfully collaborate with other committed professionals to create quality arts in the entertainment industry"

Vision: "The vision of Starbounty is to provide highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, individual pride and company spirit and create an atmosphere that foster fun and challenges simultaneously"

About Team:

Anish Jai, a vibrant serial entrepreneur who believes in individualistic growth as a greater step towards real progress in all means is the founder of Starbounty.Anishjai Always believe in empower every people all corners of our world. Anish Jai designed and architect the whole Starbounty Application, the brain behind this Talent empowering portal.

Our co-founder Mr. Arjun Kumar joined with us in end of 2016, which made our app available in playstore. Mr. Mr. Arjun is our strong pillar of support from the scratch of the product into the visible platform.He knows that what we stay focused on will grow and he has been a great strength for our team in all our endeavors.

Starbounty has associated with unquestionably right people for the mission of the company. As we can see the online audition has five major categories (singing, dancing, music, modeling, and acting). We joined hands with Music Director Sathya, Major Gautham for Dance and MA KA PA who endorsed our talent management company. “The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison” said James cash Penney. Assembling such a great team is the key to set standards.

We are a team who understood that doing what we like is great and we know doing it together with our team feels greater. Our hardworking, passionate and highly committed team members are the heart of success. Mr.Vinoth Reddy is our Director of Human Resources, Mr.Saravanan is our operations Vice President and Mr.Sathish, our graphic designer. Our team work will bring out your dream work into the limelight. A pool of talents proven themselves with us will speak the rest for us.

For more details about starbounty please visit | | 9176791362.

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