Things You Should Know About Starbounty App And Its Features

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Starbounty is a talent management company, which is the online audition platform best for the young upcoming talents who are in search of the right platform to promote their talent.

Starbounty is an online audition platform which promotes talent in the field of entertainment. The talent management company allows you to upload your talent video free and join online contest in our mobile app. The talent management framework is secured from all ends by our team effectively. The stars we promote and the way they get promoted speaks for our quality service.

Upload your Talent video & Join our Free Online audition through our Starbounty App. For more details call us on +91-9176791362.


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Events and Competitions

The online competitions are one of the key attractions in our mobile app. Every now and then online competitions for various talents will be announced in the App. There are Singing, Dancing, Music, Modeling, Acting and Comedy categories to audition in our app. We announce online competitions and call for free online auditions based on these categories and it happens regularly. The uniqueness and interesting element in our online competitions are there is no only one winner but everyone is a winner. We did not mean just the saying of ‘participation is winning ‘but in the true sense. Every participant will be winning prizes according to the votes and ranking position they hold as truly believe every participant is a great talent and they deserve winning prizes. The ranking, number of votes, important dates, and changes will be updated and notified periodically to all the users.

Starbounty conducts various events on its mobile application like singing contest, dance competition, modeling audition, music competition and many more talent shows related to the categories we classified in our app. All these online competitions and auditions will be conducted as junior level and senior level for the obvious reasons. The junior events and the senior events will be classified right at the beginning when people register with us in the entry level based on the age. We conduct competitions mainly in three languages which are Tamil, English and Hindi.

The winning of a competition is completely based on the votes. A complete transparency is maintained as we constantly keep all the users informed about the ranking positions. Every participant will be earning theprize money once the voting started. People can check the ratio any time so that they can work on the promotions to get more votes. For more details about Starbounty online audition call us on +91-9176791362.

Special Features

As we believe in fair fight, we classify the talent group and conduct competitions to seniors and juniors separately. The age line is set very clearly and the parent will be given access to monitor and guide their kids. The notification will also be filtered according to the age criteria.

We, Starbounty is not just a mobile app where you can audition online and compete but we are much more than that. We are a talent management company. We promote your talent in all possible social Medias and we are not just virtual. We help talents create a portfolio. We do exist in every level of talent promotion. We take you to meet the providers of opportunities. As we say chances, we are very much aware that the movie industry is not the only place where talent is required or raised. We serve the needs of the talent in various levels. We create career opportunities not only in the film industry but we also promote our people to emerge as an independent talent in different platforms.

Starbounty is the talent pool where the media will come an explore talents wanted for their projects.

How it Works

Our online audition app is very user friendly like any other social media. Once you open the home screen, everything will be familiar and self explanatory. Call for auditions will be intimated through the app and other means.

As mentioned earlier, it is not only for the online competitors, but for friends and family and anyone who is interested in entertainment and the new top talents in the industry.

The updates from us will serve you as a complete database of the upcoming online auditions, competitions and talent shows wherever talents can be exhibited.

It’s a user friendly mobile app. Just punch in the basic details and start your journey with Starbounty.

Give us the basic details and enable a personal account with Starbounty App.

Select the country of your residence.

You can choose your convenient language. The choice is not restricted to one for the competitions.

Just like any application, the crown icon shows winners, and the bell icon is your notification. The icon in the left corner like always will take you to your profile (home) screen.

This screen as you see guides you with the details of the compatible format of your video are given. The title you enter in the space will be displayed in the listing of your video.

If you want to specifically search a competition or a participant, just type the name and search. As you see, Singing is selected and all the singing competitions were shown with the top rank holders displayed. Click that open and all the participants and the ranking will be displayed. Its goes the same way for all the categories.

The details above the upload, is the info about the competition deadlines, prize details and like and share. Just click ‘upload your talent’ and select your video from your device you want to upload for the competition. Read the rules given below simple and clear before participating.

After uploading your video, yours will also be listed among other participants’ entry. You can check your rank, other competitors and number of votes. The upload icon at the bottom of the screen can be used to upload your video after browsing the videos of the other participants.

Once you open the preferred competition image, this screen pops up with all the necessary details like event title, prize money, last date, and options to like and share the particular participant you are viewing.

To participate upload your video by clicking he upload button at the bottom of the screen.

This is your profile on screen where you can check the details the number of votes received events you participated (participation number is not restricted to one time) how much you earned and who follows you will be displayed.

As you can see the list of entries for the competition once the event is selected. Watch and just click the icons given below every video to vote or like.

On the whole Starbounty offers everything to make you dazzle as a Star. it’s a singing audition to stand up comedy, online competitions to talent shows, Starbounty Keeps you informed and ready to rock. For more details | | +91-9176791362

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