Vijay TV Arun and Aravind The Twins with Starbounty

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

"Casting a film... it’s a combination of all the elements" - Stellan Skarsgard

A movie, a tv channel or any event related to the entertainment industry is consist of thousands of artists, technical experts and many more. All we remember about a movie or a show is a handful of people who take the lead. But even on screen, apart from the known faces of the hero and a heroine, hundreds of actors are required and that is where many actors start their career, not but few do create an impression in the mind of the audience. Not only actors, we need singers, dancers, musicians and a lot more talents. This same way goes in the in a channel as well. They need a lot of talents and people who identify those talents and manage the talents for them.

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To do this job of finding the right people they need casting directors. To a greater extent, this selection process lies in the hands of the casting directors. So the casting directors are not only influential but they are people with good eyes for good talents. They have to basically hunt talent from everywhere to choose the best and as we know talent are in abundance but not just a single place to find it. It is everywhere. So audition for all, audition everywhere is almost impossible.

This is where Starbounty, the online audition platform comes in to let the miracle happen. We assemble and bring in a complete package of various talents in one place. Starbounty is not only an online audition platform for the top talents to attain various benefits but the talent hunt process can be narrowed down to one single stop shop called Starbounty. We pool talent and the choosing becomes way more easy as we have all the best out the best identified and produced as well through various auditions and online competitions to bring out the best in them.

The twin casting directors Arun and Aravind are currently working with Star Vijay tv, casting their shows and they possess a lot of experience in casting talents for movies as well. They worked as casting directors for directors like Gowtham Menon and Bala in their latest released and upcoming movies. Their notable projects as casting directors are Mersal, Dora, Sketch and more.

When we met this twin casting directors, they found Starbounty a very useful audition platform not only for talents but people like them who search for talents in various places. They not only congratulated but are really happy to find a talent pool, an online audition platform like Starbounty. Now Starbounty is very proud and happy to be associated with people like this twin Arun and Aravind and many more potentials and expand its association to widen the platform of opportunity for our talents.

For more details about Starbounty call us on +91-9176791362.

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