29th November "2.0" on 3D Screens : Tamil Trailer Launch

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

2.0 trailer launch LIVE UPDATES: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar unveil trailer

600 Crores in Pot now!! Will 2.0 worth it? Have to wait and Watch. Finally dates for the movie on the screen confirmed for 29th November 2018.

Event Sequence:

First time when RJ Balaji displayed the trailer with some technical issues, Director Shankar asked to replay the Visuals.

3D Visuals for Eyes and 4D sound effects for Ears going to be new treat to most of the movie lovers, little bit of explanation by Shankar about 4d Effects.

(By the way photographers would have got basic decency to give way for the 2.0 Team to Stage)

"Big stakeholder" Producer Subahskaran was on praise list of all the one on the stage. Followed up QA session with AR rahman , Shankar, Akshay Kumar ( He tried a bit in Tamil), Finally our Thalivar Superstar Rajinikanth thanked the team and confirmed that 2.0 will be a huge success. Thailvar recalled that at the midest of the project when Thalivar thought of dropping this project but the encouragement of Subhskaran made him kept going and made it happened.

As we all waited for his political statement, yes - he does gave his usual statement " I will come late but will come with power pack and win" for both his 2.0 and for his "Political" Show. Crowed goes woooow! We all waiting for watch Thalivar on 29th November with lot of his sci-fic avatars


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