The online competitions are one of the key attractions in Starbounty mobile app. There are Singing, Dancing, Music, Modeling, Acting and Comedy categories to audition in our app.


The uniqueness and interesting element in our online competitions are there is no only one winner but everyone is a winner. Every participant will be winning prizes according to the votes and ranking position they hold as truly believe every participant is a great talent and they deserve winning prizes. The ranking, number of votes, important dates, and changes will be updated and notified periodically to all the users.


Uniqueness of Starbounty:


The aids provided by Starbounty in the online platform are:

  • Publish online

  • Create portfolios (video)

  • Arrange Shooting for music/acting/modeling Auditions

  • Gateway for regular income/ funds

  • Organize events and competitions

  • Keep you informed of upcoming auditions

  • Bridge between the industry people and talents

  • Regular maintenance of social media updates and promotions

  • Act as social media publicist

  • Cash prizes and free production for winners


Online Singing Competition
Online Dance Competition
Online Modeling Competition
Online Modeling Competition
Online Acting Competition
MakaPa VJ Hunt
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Terms and Conditions

 * Video uploaded should feature only your talent

 * Video uploaded should be exclusively shot for Starbounty competition only

 * The entries uploaded from other Social Media sites and talent apps will be disqualified

 * The maximum size of the video uploaded should not be more than 3 minutes

 * The Entry close date will be revised based on the number of entries received per competition

 * The Minimum Number of entries for the competition will be 100 initially and it may vary from each competition

 * High quality of videos is recommended to ensure good presentation for your fans

 * The performance will be judged by the Juries and Starbounty has all rights reserved to declare the results

 * A participant can join any number of Events and has been limited to upload only one entry per competition

 * The announcement of results will be based on votes and juries’ results on the performance




* Note: All Terms and Conditions are applied


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