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Mrs. Kutty Padmini, MD and Chairman of Vaishnave Mediaa Works Limited, is a National AAward-winningactress (for Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum), producer and a veteran media personality who has over 30 years experience in television and film production. She is also the Trustee of South Indian Film Artists Association, Vice President of Television Association, Executive Committee member of South Indian Film Chamber and Vice President of Film and Television Producer’s Guild of South India (GUILD) among others.
Aside to these accolades, she is also the recipient of a Life Time Achievement Award (2017) by the TN state government, awarded to her by the current Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. Apart from being praised for her performance by Smt. Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India, and other leaders of the country like the then President Dr. Radha Krishnan and Mr. R Venkataraman, Mrs. Kutty Padmini has received many national and international awards to her credit - such as Kerala State Film Award; felicitation by Rotary Club of Madras etc.


She has also worked with renowned leaders across the globe, and was given an award in 1971, for 'Best Performer', by the former Prime Minister of Singapore - Mr. Lee Kuan Yew; and conferred 9 awards by the former President of Singapore Mr. S.R Nathan, including Best Producer for 'Cinta Bollywood' as well. She also worked with the Education Minister of Mauritius, Mr Parasu Raman and the Education Minister of Malaysia Mr. Dato Subramanian.
A prolific and prominent South Indian Movie actress, she started of as a child star in her debut film and starred in over 175 films across 6 languages and two English international films for 'Metro Golden Mayor'. Her talent of being a linguist enabled her to explore many industries within the Indian film fraternity, acting in movies ranging all the way from North India to South India. She established her own production house - Vaishnave Mediaa Works Limited and has since helmed several popular shows and serials, in the capacity of producer, director, writer and actress including the acclaimed Krishnadasi; Ramanujar etc.
Kutty Padmini is also one of the directors in Blue Ocean Films and Television Academy. As a prolific producer, she has inspired and turned the lives of several artists and technicians across South Indian Film and TV industry over the years. Almost about 50% of the people actively working in today's television and film industry, in any department, were mentored and introduced by her. Be it acting, production, direction, stage performances, her commitment to the arts and her contributions as one of the leading producers & entrepreneur in media, she has been widely praised all around the world. Having produced several programmes and serials for regional, national and international channels, for both satellite and terrestrial, she has created a proud library of over 23000 hours of programming and is a brand name & a prominent household name in the Indian media landscape.

Mrs. Kutty Padmini

Mrs. Kutty Padmini



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